Tuesday 27 August 2013

Tuff Stuff Design Provides Frameless Shower Screen Manufacturing and Installation Services in Australia

Home is a place where people use to live. Maximum time of the day they use to stay in the home.  The home keeps human being safe from different natural calamities and different types of enemies. The home is a very favorite place for human being.  As every home have a great importance in human life they always tries to make it protected and decorated. In the modern time the interior decoration is getting much more important. All the parts of a home like bed room, hall, Bathroom, kitchen etc getting protected and decorated separately.

Bathroom is a very important part of a home where we use to take bath. This part is always surrounded by water. While using this water especially during taking bath different parts of bathroom getting wait and damage. To protect the bathroom different equipments are used. Some of them are frameless shower screen, shower glasses, glass splash backs, glass mirrors etc. All these products are mainly use to protect the bathroom and also for decoration purpose.  Especially the frameless shower screen protects your bathroom’s shower place from water while taking bath.

As these products are very useful for bathroom protection their demand in increasing gradually all over the world. Many companies are now manufacturing these bathroom renovation products especially frameless glass shower screens, Frameless glass mirrors, Frameless glass splashbacks. The quality of the products is very good. These products are not only good in quality but also they are very well decorated. For this reason they not only protect your bathroom but also gives a new look to it. Their prices are also very affordable. Due to their good quality and affordable price many people use to buy these products. Besides manufacturing they also do installation of these products in the customer’s home, office etc.

Tuff Stuff Design is an Australia based company. They manufacture good quality frameless shower screens, frameless glasses, frame less mirrors etc.  The quality of their products is very good.  It will give a separate looks to your bathroom.  Besides manufacturing these bathroom renovation products some of their other services are

•    Frameless Shower Screen Installations
•    Bathroom Renovations
•    Splash back Linings
•    Glass Repairs

Tuff Stuff Design mainly serves in the different regions of Australia like Sydney, Melbourne, and Sutherland Shire. Like Tuff Stuff Design many other companies manufacture the same product and manufacture the same service. They have some special features by virtue of which their number of customers is much more than any other companies in Australia. The features are as follows -

•    Expert and experienced installation team
•    Highest quality fittings
•    Australian safety standard
•    5-Year Warranty

Some of their products are given below:-

Bi-Fold Frameless Shower Screens
Elegant and stylish, bi-fold frameless shower screens provide your bathroom with innovative design and a contemporary look. All doors are made of tempered glass that meet Australian safety standards and are available in variety of colors and finishes to suit your bathroom and budget including left handed configurations.

Hinged Frameless Shower Screens
Frameless hinged shower screens & doors offer flawless function and elegance. All doors are made of tempered glass that meet Australian safety standards and are available in variety of colors and finishes to suit your bathroom and budget including left handed configurations.

HydroSlideTM Frameless Shower Screens
The Hydro slide System can accommodate a wide range of shower designs with fixed glass panels on either end, or both sides at 90 or 180 degrees. The Hydroslide System also accommodates the option of floor-to-near-ceiling glass panels with a sliding door.

Pivoting Frameless Shower Screens
Provides an open, light-filtered showering environment with clean sophistication that complements any bathroom decor with its minimalist styling. Custom installation available for door to open to right or left to suit your preference and bathroom. All supplied and installed to Australian safety standards for the glass industry.