Wednesday 29 May 2013

Tuff Stuff Design- Frameless Shower Screen Manufacturer in Australia

A bathroom is a very integral part of your home just as the bedrooms, kitchen, or drawing rooms. But we often tend to overlook it. It needs just as much attention as does the other rooms in your home. So when it’s time to redecorate your home, decorate your bathroom as well and give your bathroom a new lease of life.

Shower Screens are the best options available now days to make your bathroom look elegant and stylish, unlike the shower curtains that are messy and not so easy to maintain. These shower frames keep your bathroom floors from getting flooded. Shower screens are low maintenance, moss and mold free. You have options on how your shower screen should look. Shower screens can be frame less; semi framed or fully framed shower screens. A fully framed shower screen is where a frame is installed around all sides of each glass panel. Fully framed screens can create a traditional or classic look and they are the most cost effective option.

A semi-frameless shower screen is a screen that is framed around the outside but that is not framed around the door or on the sides of the panels of glass. It creates a very clean, stylish look but at less than the price of fully frame less.

A frameless shower screen is where there is no frame around the glass. Instead, the glass is fixed in place using special channels, clamps or fixings. It creates a very clean, minimalist look and is also incredibly easy to clean as there is no place for soap scum and grime to accumulate.

Tuff Stuff Design supply frameless glass systems for both domestic and industrial architectural projects. The frame less glass systems meet the Australian safety standards. It also comes with product warranty for 3 years and provides all its customers with a 7-year workmanship guarantee. Tuff Stuff is an Australian company that has years of experience and has built a strong reputation as a highly professional and customer friendly company that meets the highest technical standard.

So make a smart choice today, choose frameless shower screens Sydney, choose Tuff Stuff.